Whatever happened to SCARY Halloween?

Muna was the Chesire cat, and I was a toddler-scaring ghost.

So, I wore this mask to a public Halloween event (at Springs Preserve in Vegas.) The mask is a bit scary for little kids, I’m sure. But in general, I think it wasn’t over the line for Halloween after dark. Yet, I scared MULTIPLE little kids (unintentionally, of course,) many of whom were THEMSELVES dressed as scary ghosts or other frightening things.

The site was decorated with even scarier things than my mask. Because they weren’t moving (clearly fake,) I guess the little ones didn’t mind the decorations. But, when they saw me MOVING in this mask, some kids lost their freakin’ minds.

I know, I know … I’m a parent now, and I should understand that Halloween is for little kids (and teenagers who want to dress in slutty costumes at parties.) But, am I wrong for thinking that if you dress your child up as a zombie, and take them outside to a public halloween event, you should PREPARE your kid to expect to see something scary? I really am sorry your kid’s upset, and maybe I could’ve picked a more Disney-fied costume. But I don’t think I deserve the parental stink-eye because your kid isn’t ready to be scared at a Halloween event after dark.1390581_10200407554142514_372203620_n

Contrary to what Disney, Nickelodeon, and Pixar told you, Halloween ghosts (whether you believe in them or not) were originally intended to be scary. (Weren’t they?)

I guess I’m just ranting because I know I can’t win this one. Next year, I’ll have to get a “smiling” mask with red rosy cheeks, or dress up as a superhero like everyone else. Maybe a video game character.

There just isn’t any love for “old school” Halloween anymore.

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