The Green-Eyed Girl Team (and other stellar supporters)

Forward Operating Base Morales-Frazier, Kapisa Afghanistan –
Today we received some treats from a special group of volunteers. Deployed service members like receiving such tokens of appreciation.

I’ve written about the power of mail before. Basically, the only thing that gets a bigger smile out of servicemembers besides mail is orders to return home.

It’s a nice surprise when we receive goodies in the mail from friends or family. Although the surprise is appreciated, we can sometimes guess what’s in the box, because our friends and family KNOW what we like.

But do you know what’s really cool? When we receive goodies from people we don’t even know.

Every once in a while, our team will receive a shipment of packages that were sent from a caring group or organization back home. The packages are not intended for any one person … they’re meant to be given to any service member. What makes these packages so neat to receive is that you never really know what’s inside until you open it. Then, when you do, you can see the care and support the person sends with each gift.

Today, we received some care packages from a group of dedicated volunteers called the Green-Eyed-Girl-Team out of California. A nice young lady by the name of Wendy wrote me to tell me that she and her volunteers have decided to “adopt” our team, and they are going to follow our activities while showing support when they can. (Check ‘em out on Facebook here.)


Some of that love arrived by helicopter last night, in the form of homemade fudge and nut brittle, along with handwritten holiday cards and handmade gift boxes. These volunteers didn’t just go to Wal-mart and stock up on bargain-bin candy … it’s clear that a lot of time, effort, money and love went into making, packaging and shipping the packages. We certainly appreciated it.

Another stellar supporter, Lynnis H., did the same for us a while ago. Also equally appreciated.

I’m always amazed when people give of themselves freely, without regard for recipient or without requesting anything in return. For military folks stationed in the ‘stan, it’s kind of like a unification … a reminder that people care about us (outside of our friends and family,) and, although it’s not quite as motivating as a trip home, it’s the best note of encouragement and support we can receive.

To Wendy & The GEGT and Lynnis: Our sincerest thanks!


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