The final stretch

The season of Merry Thanksgivoween continues …

We had fun hanging out with family in California (Buena Park) for Thanksgiving. I love the weather in California, but hate how crowded it is. (Of course, I’m sure most Californians would reply: “If you don’t like it, get the *$&@ out!”)

As usual, we ate ridiculous amounts of food at our cousin’s family’s house¬†(full of HFCS.)¬†Then we watched Dallas Cowboys beat the Oakland Raiders. Then we went home at ate again!


We also started a new Thanksgiving tradition: SHARKNADO! (Google it, young’uns!)

I’m sure Muna wanted to, but we DIDN’T participate in the recent “Grey Thursday” trend (where stores were opened on Thanksgiving day.) It’s not that I object to the whole “consumerism overload” thing (although I do.) But, I knew there would be a lot of foolishness goin’ on.

I was right …

Seriously, states should enact laws prohibiting us from acting this stupid. People were shot, injured and trampled on Thanksgiving day.

Black Friday: The day where ‘Muricans trample each other to buy new stuff, immediately after giving thanks for the stuff they already have.

Muna and my Aunt went shopping on Friday; I chose to hange out with the kiddos instead. We had fun watching a movie (Hunger Games 2) and bowling.


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