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When I was in the Marine Corps, I was Combat Photographer. My job was to document the unit’s history, no matter what the event. Whether it was an amphibious landing, marching in a parade, combat training, or simply a unit barbecue, Staff Sergeant Lee was always there with camera in hand. I used to catch hell from my Marine Corps buddies who liked to bust my chops because my job was to take photographs of their operations. (I guess they thought I had it easy.)

They never seemed to realize that while Marine infantrymen were always toting around their gear and their weapons, I had to lug around my field gear, my weapons AND several pounds of CAMERA EQUIPMENT. I had to do all the same crap they did, but I had to take pictures while doing it. The end result is that I’ve been conditioned to take a camera with me everywhere I go. Today, although I don’t really take photographs in my job much anymore, I feel naked if I don’t have a camera nearby (even if it’s just a simple pocket-sized point-n-shoot.)

The Lee Family has had lots of great experiences, with lots of photos to go with them. Enjoy! Darrick

US Air Force Thunderbirds

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Darrick and Bayerische Motoren Werke

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Marine Corps Memories

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Scenes from the Philippines

The Lee Family around the world


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