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When I was in the Marine Corps, I was a Combat Photographer. My job was to document the unit’s history, no matter what the event. Whether it was an amphibious landing, marching in a parade, combat training, or simply a unit barbecue, Staff Sergeant Lee was always there with camera in hand. I used to catch hell from my Marine Corps buddies who liked to bust my chops because my job was to take photographs of their operations. (I guess they thought I had it easy.)

They never seemed to realize that while Marine infantrymen were always toting around their gear and their weapons, I had to lug around my field gear, my weapons AND several pounds of CAMERA EQUIPMENT. I had to do all the same crap they did, but I had to take pictures while doing it. The end result is that I’ve been conditioned to take a camera with me everywhere I go. (Today, that’s just my smartphone like most folks.)

The Lee Family has had lots of great experiences, with lots of photos to go with them. Enjoy! Darrick

US Air Force Thunderbirds

Darrick and Bayerische Motoren Werke

Marine Corps Memories


Scenes from the Philippines

The Lee Family around the world




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