Nikon or Canon? It doesn’t really matter … just get the shot!

Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan --  Just a standard pic ... not much happened today (which is a GOOD thing, in my opinion.)
Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan —
Just a standard pic … not much happened today (which is a GOOD thing, in my opinion.)

Although today was Saturday, I didn’t know it until I turned on my computer and inputted the date for this blog. (As I mentioned in a previous posting, our work is not scheduled around a calendar. There’s no such thing as a weekend or holiday.)

Not much happened today (which is a good thing, if you ask me.) We did have some of our members go outside the wire, but they came back early.

I took care of some paperwork and toyed with a few of my cameras. I own a Canon EOS (digital), and the ladies at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst sent me a Nikon D80 with a couple of nice lenses.

In the old days (before digital photography,) shutterbugs (Google it, young’uns) used to really get into heated debates about which camera was better. Nikon was long heralded as the “Pro” camera, but Canon has been giving Nikon a run for their money for several years now.

But now that everything is digital, and you can buy a keychain that comes with a Hannah Montana digital camera attached, EVERYBODY is a photographer. For better or for worse, this has lessened the prestige associated with being a photographer. (Because most people can recreate the same product at home.) Thus, the debate about which camera is better is not as prevalent now-a-days.

In the military, Nikon still holds the crown as the “official” pro camera, but the truth is that when a crucial photograph is needed, the military doesn’t really care what camera is used. Cameras are instruments of war. Although they don’t kill, they certainly help influence a situation and it’s outcome. (Why do you think most police cars mount them in their dashboard?)

As I played with both my Nikon and Canon, I could see pros and cons with both. The Nikon is heavier (and appeared to be more sturdy,) while the Canon was lighter and easier to use. Unable to choose a side, I just resolved myself to the belief that as long as I do my job, which is to simply get the shot, what I use doesn’t matter.

I’m sure Nikon and Canon would beg to differ!

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