More attacks today (And if ya don’t know, now ya know!)

It’s no secret that things have been heating up in Afghanistan lately. Specifically, Bagram Air Base and the areas around Parwan & Kapisa provinces have seen increased activity since winter ended.

Although I promise to always provide spin-free blog postings, some readers are questioning me about my intent, noting that I have not posted any comments about the attacks in those areas when they occurred. (I guess they think that by my omitting mention of them, I am somehow spinning the overall situation or otherwise attempting to hide the truth about my experiences.)

To be fair, I could make mention of the fact that an attack occurred (as one did today.) But, I must clarify that I have yet to actually deploy there. All of the stories you’ve read on my blog so far have been focused on my experiences as I train for service in Afghanistan. (Of course, future postings will cover my actual experiences once I am there.) Since I have not been present during the recent attacks, I honestly don’t have much to say about them. Truth is, I’d LOVE to tell you more, but without my being there, what else can I say?

I will admit that part of me was hesitant to write about the attacks because I have family that monitor this website (and, with me deploying, I didn’t wanna spook ‘em any more than CNN, Fox and Al Jazeera have already.) However, I realize that some of you are reading this in hopes of getting a glimpse into the life of someone related to the war effort. And, even if I didn’t know anything about the past attacks, you might have appreciated knowing my thoughts about them or what I was experiencing in relation to them.

Fair enough … I will make mention of future attacks in Afghanistan if/when they occur (within the confines of security and good taste.)

Of course, this will all be moot really soon, as I will actually BE in Afghanistan soon. I expect then you’ll find my blog postings quite interesting.

In lighter news …

I’m still enjoying my downtime before heading to the ‘stan. Today was father’s day. Taj and Muna made me breakfast in bed, featuring homemade, heart-shaped pancakes and scrambled eggs with cheese and turkey bacon. Then Taj gave me a card he made himself. Inside, his writing made mention of Six Flags amusement park and how “more flags means more fun.” Somehow, I don’t think the whole think-about-your-dad-instead of-yourself-on-father’s-day-thing has sunk in with him yet.

Yesterday, we went to our favorite restaurant, Monsoon in New Jersey. I guess Muna and I love Indian food so much because we met in India (home of the Taj Mahal … Thus, our son’s name.) While we dated, our first few months together was spent eating from local restaurants in New Delhi.

Although Taj has never been to India, he LOVES the food. It’s the only time he actually WANTS to eat spinach.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store, but am upset that my time is going so quickly while home.

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