Keeping the fire burning …

Ever since Taj decided he wants to be a fighter pilot, I’ve been trying to do what I can to keep him exposed to aviation. It’s a bit of a challenge, as I’m not a pilot myself. So, I just find any opportunity to get him close to aircraft and the people who fly them.

Part of his schedule includes participating in the local Civil Air Patrol chapter. It’s somewhat like the boy scouts … aside from being an auxiliary to the Air Force, the CAPĀ helpsĀ developing young kids to learn discipline in a quasi-military setting with emphasis on aviation.

One of the great services they offer is a chance for kids to fly, free of charge. Civil Air Patrol volunteers give kids free flights in powered and glider aircraft, teaching them some aerospace basics along the way. I joined Taj for his first glider trip Saturday.

It was great seeing Taj and his fellow classmates learning about how to launch the gliders. When he wasn’t flying, he learned how to signal to the towing plane and recover the glider once it landed. When it was his turn to fly, he sat in the front of the glider while his adult pilot sat behind him … giving him the best view of the sky as they flew.

Here’s him taking off. (I wished I could have flown with him. I was jealous!)

It was a great way to spend a Saturday … Anything to keep the fire burning.

Taj flies in a glider with Civil Air Patrol
Taj, excited about his turn to fly in a Civil Air Patrol glider.

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