I’m crazy with the guns, but I’m not gun crazy.

Camp Atterbury, IN -- Firing the M9 Beretta (9mm) at pop-up targets. Thanks to the Marine Corps, I’m usually a good shot on the Air Force and Army ranges.

Camp Atterbury, IN —
Firing the M9 Beretta (9mm) at pop-up targets. Thanks to the Marine Corps, I’m usually a good shot on the Air Force and Army ranges.

Today, we spent more time on the range. Another long, tiring day. When you’re on the range, waiting to fire, you have lots of time to think. Mostly, I thought about Muna and Taj … It’s only been a few weeks, but I miss them.

I tried to call Muna and Taj while I was waiting to fire, but again, it was so loud I couldn’t hold a decent conversation with them. I did speak with Muna long enough to hear that Taj has been acting up lately. I could even hear him yelling at his mother and sounding awfully disrespectful. I wonder if he is acting up because he knows his dad is not home. I know Muna will keep him in line, but I can’t help but feel guilty that I’m not there to lay the smackdown. As Taj is getting older, he’s trying to see what he can get away with … usually, I’m on him like a hawk, but with me gone, I know Muna’s gonna have to work extra hard.

** break, break**

Within my time in the Marine Corps and the Air Force, I’ve fired lots of weapons … Predominately the M16 rifle (the M4 in the Air Force,) the M9 pistol and the occasional big guns like the 50 caliber machine gun or the MK19 Grenade launcher.

With all of this exposure, you might think that I am really into weaponry, collecting guns and such. Not so.

I have no problem carrying weapons and firing them; and in the case of self defense, I don’t have a problem using them to defend myself … But I don’t really care about the “coolness” of weapons.

I think some civilians believe that all military members are NRA-card-carrying, Second-Amendment quoting, gun-crazed warmongers with a subscription to Soldier of Fortune that automatically renews. I don’t think so … in fact, I think most service members are like me. They have no problems with weapons and will use them if they have to, but are not really gun nuts.

Sure, there are LARGE groups of military circles that live, breath and sleep guns … like our military police, our special forces troops, our marksmanship instructors and the like. (Of course, those are the professions that you WANT to be extremely critical of their weaponry.) But your average administrative office troop doesn’t need the special movie-gun with the cool long-range scope, night vision laser, and kung-fu grip … he just wants to do his job and have the security of knowing he has access to something that will help him do his job.

Regardless of my take-em-or-leave-em attitude about weapons, you can best BELIEVE I will have one GLUED to my hip at all times while in the ‘stan. (I’m still trying to figure out how to waterproof my weapons so I can take ‘em in the shower with me!)

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