Happy Birthday, Marines!

As the holiday of Merry Thanksgivoween continues, today we focus on another one of its sub-holidays …

November 10th is considered to be the birth of the Marine Corps, dating back to its creation in 1775. (Tun Tavern, Pennsylvania.)

“Back in 1775, My Marine Corps became alive …”

After stepping on the yellow footprints at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, at San Diego in 1990, Darrick Lee became alive, too.

I experienced a lot of things as a Marine. I visited other countries; I learned about different cultures. I learned a lot about myself, too.

I hate to sound cheesy and say that the Corps “made a man out of me,” but to an extent, it’s true. I grew up in the Corps. (Thanks, Will Meekins.)

Most importantly, had it not been for the Corps, I would have never met Muna — or subsequently had Taj.

Although I left the Corps to join the Air Force, I’m thankful for the ride. I am VERY PROUD to be an Airman, but there’s always a spot in my heart for the Corps.

Digital cameras hadn’t really caught on yet when I was in the Marines, so the photos below are a small sampling scanned copies of hard prints I’ve collected over the years. (I apologize for the poor quality.) If any of the places look familiar to you, or you want to share your own Leatherneck story, please do.

Marine Corps Memories

Semper Fidelis and Happy Birthday to all of my HIIIIIGHLY motivated, TRUUUULY dedicated, @SS kickin’, foot stompin’, beer drinkin’, heel clickin’, $%(@ ^@(!*, little green amphibious MONSTERS.

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