Apparently, blogging is still a thing.

I realize no one really blogs anymore, but I have a dilemma. I want to stay engaged online (so family/friends know what we’re up to,) but I’m really growing tired of Facebook.

I have reached a point where I can predict the subject of EVERY Facebook friend’s post in my feed before I actually read it.

A post from “Johnny?” It’ll be about how he perceives Obama is ruining the country with his radical, pacifist, imperialist, aggressive, compromising, dictatorship-style, leftist, marxist, socialist, racist, extremist, Kenyan agenda. You know … The usual. He usually backs up his claims by quoting Faux News or some media outlet I’ve never heard of before, but swears to have the inside scoop.

A post from “Sue?” It will be about her cats. All 14 of them. At least they are original postings … I respect that.

However, “Gary” will post reposts. Lots and lots of reposts. They usually originateĀ on Imgur, Reddit or 9Gag. He always seems to think he stumbled onto something original and has no idea everybody else is (re)posting the same thing. *Yes, it was funny (the first 7 times I saw it in my feed.)*

“Jane” will (re)post an inspirational quote she found on Pinterest or Tumbler. While I appreciate the little megabyte of love, I’m never sure if her intent is to uplift the reader or herself. Awkward …

I am no different. My posts are just as boring to readers. If you browse my feed, you’re most likely going to see a picture of our son, or a selfie of me working. By the way, here’s Taj’s 2014 school picture:

2014 Taj

Aaaannd, here’s a pic of me meeting Aurora, the official Air Force Academy Falcon (and her handler, Chyana.)

Aurora the Air Force Academy Falcon


*There. Glad I got that out of the way.*

But seriously … Very rarely do I learn anything new or interesting about my Facebook friends (aside from the occasional new job announcement or baby update.) Yet, I’ve conditioned myself to being on Facebook for a few minutes every day. It’s an addiction I don’t think I need to shake, but do need to control.

“Why don’t you just use another social media site,” you ask? Good question.

I’ve tried Google Plus. But it appears no one else, in the world, has.

I do use Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, but only when a visual moment arises. For text, I was gravitating to Facebook and my (this) website. But, as blogging declined in popularity, I ignored the site.

Now, after reaching my limit of anti-Obama rhetoric, pics of cats sleeping, and motivational re(posts), I figure maybe I can go back to blogging and those who care can see the latest pics of our family here (rather than having to sort through the muck on Facebook.)

We’ll see how long this lasts!

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