A HFCS-free Thanksgiving?

I swear, I’m not a food snob … Except when it comes to one thing: High Fructose Corn Syrup.

You may remember my rant a few years ago about HFCS. I have tried to calm down about it since then, but can’t help but be reminded about the wicked substance whenever Thanksgiving rolls around. 

Did you know that MOST of the main Thanksgiving Day staples, if purchased from your average grocery store, contain HFCS? Let’s review …

  • Bread rolls, especially the delicious brown-n-serve pull apart kind, are softened with HFCS.
  • Cranberry “sauce”. (Yes, those are air quotes.) There’s really no “sauce” to it. If your sauce oozes out and keeps the form of the can (after you’ve taken it OUT of the can,) you’re not eating sauce at all. You’re eating cranberry-flavored high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Stuffing. Yes, the stuff that’s inside your turkey … If it’s a popular brand (like Stove-Top stuffing,) it’s made using HFCS.
  • Ham … If your ham is glazed, GUESS what it’s glazed with? (Did you guess HFCS? Then you guessed right!)
  • Yams. If they’re coming from a can, it’s the HFCS that makes them “candied”.
  • Do you make your pumpkin pie using mix from a can? Then you’re really making pumpkin-flavored HFCS pie. Yum! (Using a store-bought pie crust? Yep, HFCS is in that, too.)
  • Unless you’re making your gravy from scratch or using a powder base, most store bought gravy is just meat-flavored HFCS.
  • Turkey. Particularly the self-basted/pre-basted kind. (What’s it basted with? Yes, indeed.)
  • Apple pie filling? Yep.
  • Ice Cream? Not in all brands, but definitely in several.
  • Salad. (Now, wait a minute … There’s no WAY HFCS can be in a salad. Right? Well, what are you putting ON your salad? Salad dressing? Yep … HFCS.)
  • The soda/punch the kids wash it all down with? You already knew that one …

I think you get my drift. Pretty much, if you’re not making it from scratch, it probably has HFCS in it. If the old saying is true … If we are what we eat, then we’re all CORN.

And, yes, I plan to gorge myself on HFCS-laden food this Thursday.


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