A day in New York City

New York City, 2010 -- Today we visited FAO Schwarz and Times Square. New York is fun, for about four hours. After that, the rage starts to set in!
New York City, 2010 — Today we visited FAO Schwarz and Times Square. New York is fun, for about four hours. After that, the rage starts to set in!

We’re down to our last couple of days in Jersey. We had planned to drive to New York to visit the Statue of Liberty today, but that didn’t work out. I should have Googled it first, because it turns out you can’t just show up and expect to go see the statue!

So, we still went to New York, but we spent the day in downtown New York instead. We drove Muna’s car, since mine was now in storage.

First we went to F.A.O. Schwarz toy store. As far as toy stores go, honestly I wasn’t that impressed.FAO Schwarz

It wasn’t bad … I liked the fact that they sold more “classic,” quality toys instead of cheap Asian plastic imports modeled after cartoon characters. I also like that most of the toys were intended to spark imagination and make children use their brains. (Toys today are just battery-operated, flashly-light, loud-sounding things that kids like initially, but get bored with two minutes later. they really didn’t have much of a toy selection.

But, I guess I was just expecting more. The selection was not a large as I expected it would be, given the hype. And, even though the toys were of good quality, I didn’t see any new, “wow” toys.

So, we just went to the second floor to play on “The Big Piano.” DSC00871(It’s a piano on a floor that you play by walking on it.) I remember it from the Tom Hank’s movie “Big.” (Google it, young’uns!)

After that we began to walk out of the store, expecting that we would leave without purchasing anything.

But then, we saw the “Muppet Whatnot Workshop.” It is a design-your-own-puppet station that let you purchase real Muppets. Even though I know absolutely NOTHING about puppetry, I’ve always been fascinated by the muppets. Whether on Sesame Street, The Muppet Show or any of the Muppet Movies, they’re just fun to watch. So, I jumped at the chance to design one … Taj and Muna wanted one, too. So we had fun making a Muppet Lee family. Making MuppetsTaj made one with a karate uniform, while Muna (who can wear a burlap potato sack and still look good,) made what I would consider to be the most fashionable puppet I’ve ever seen. I went conservative and just chose a guy in a suit. They gave us our new Muppets and we slung them on our back as we walked around New York for the rest of the day.

After that, we gnoshed at a small pizzeria. Taj had an authentic NY slice of chicken pizza. (He was really excited that he could “fold” it.)

We then walked to Times Square and just sat to take in the scene. Folks were lined up to get tickets from the TKTS booth, while others were just seated on the steps facing the avenue. If there were ever a perfect place for “people watching,” Times Square is it. After getting an eyeful of the scene (and an earful from an overly-obnoxious yelling street preacher,) we decided to call it a day. We decided to ride in a cab, just so we could say we rode in a NY Taxi.

Rumor has it that there are actually more taxi cabs in NY than people who own their own cars. Regardless how many cars there are (taxis or otherwise,) they ALL seemed to be on the road while we were trying to get home (evening rush hour.) And, they ALL seemed to be going the same way we were (trying to head south through the Lincoln Tunnel.) It was not pretty. I’ve said it before … driving in New York is not for the squeamish. I must have come close to being hit several times, and came close to HITTING pedestrians multiple times while trying to drive out of the city.

I don’t live in New York, but I now understand why New Yorkers earn reputations for being a bit rude: when you put that many people in one cramped, overcrowded space, eventually, they’ll start to bump into each other. That can get old after a while.

A fun day, even if we didn’t get to see Lady Liberty.

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