A blizzard hits home

Fort Dix, New Jersey, 19 Dec 2009 -- This is a pic of our outdoor lawn table and chairs back home at Fort Dix. That big white cupcake you see is actually a flat table with several inches of snow accumulation on it! I have never seen that much snow accumulate before!
Fort Dix, New Jersey, 19 Dec 2009 —
This is a pic of our outdoor lawn table and chairs back home at Fort Dix. That big white cupcake you see is actually a flat table with several inches of snow accumulation on it! I have never seen that much snow accumulate before!

Above is a picture of our outdoor lawn table and chairs, back home at McGuire Air Force Base/Fort Dix New Jersey. Muna and Taj received their first big snow yesterday. That big white cupcake in the middle is actually a flat table with a LOT of snow accumulation! Clearly I underestimated just how much it snowed yesterday.

Taj had fun playing in the snow with his friends yesterday. (Muna said he came inside from playing and said: “Mom, today was the best day of my LIFE!” (I think he watches too much television.)

If it keeps up like this, he’ll miss some school on Monday, too. (SCORE!)

Muna saw the blizzard coming, and went to the commissary (base grocery store) to stock up on food, anticipating a day or two inside the house. Judging by the pics of her car in the driveway as it snowed, she was smart to do so. (For my friends viewing this on Facebook, please go to the original post on my website to see the pics.)

Got my beautiful Car back!


Here’s a pic of Muna’s car, a 325i station wagon, when the weather is nice. Notice, it’s not an SUV, or a modified truck … it’s just a plain-ol’ car, pretty short and low to the ground.



Here’s that same car at 4 pm yesterday … no big deal, right? Just a couple of inches of snow. shapeimage_2-1



Here it is again, this time, at 6 pm. Look at the front hood … It kind of looks like an SUV now, doesn’t it?


This is the car at 8pm. If you didn’t know better, you’d think Muna was driving a Chevrolet Suburban! shapeimage_4



As you’re probably used to reading by now, I wish I could be home with them during this time. Seeing these pics brings back fun memories of snow days together.

Whenever there was a heavy snow, I would first confirm that the base was closed or work was cancelled. Then I would hop back into bed (happy as heck that the base was closed and work was cancelled,) and Muna and I would just chill out, waiting for Taj to wake up and jump in the bed and join us. We’d wrestle around in the bed a bit, until Muna would get mad and kick us all out.

Then, Taj and I would go downstairs, where I’d start making breakfast. Pancakes or waffles, sausage and eggs, and glass of milk or what Taj calls “Daddy’s famous orange-pineapple juice.” (Years ago, I told Taj I invented orange-pineaple juice. Hey, let me enjoy the naiveté of my kid while it lasts, okay?) I’d make coffee for Muna, along with toast and fruit. While I’m cooking, Taj would be running back-n-forth from the kitchen to the front door, remarking at how much snow fell.

“Dad! Look at the table outside! Look at all the snow!”

“Yes, Taj. I see it.”

“Can I go outside and play in it?”

“Sure. Lets eat first and get dressed. Then, we’ll go outside.”

While eating, Taj would hardly be able to sit still, squirming in his chair, until I realize something:

“Taj, did you use the restroom yet this morning? Go.”

He’d run to the restroom, come back and finish breakfast, then jet upstairs to look for clothes to wear. I’d follow behind him, trying to figure out what clothes I had that I wouldn’t mind getting buried in snow in.

Then, outside we would go. Muna, of course, would remain inside, sipping her coffee while watching from the screen door, or surfing the ‘net or calling up her friends.

After playing for a few minutes (long enough for us both to realize that it’s still too cold to be playing outside, and the snow is too fresh to pack together to make a snowman,) we’d both come back inside.

Of course, Muna was tracking our movements like a human GPS, being sure do direct us through the garage with our snow-schlopped clothing, so we didn’t make a mess in the house.

“Don’t come in the front door! You’ll track snow all over the place! Come in the garage, and take of your clothes there!”

We’d shed our wet clothing in the garage, leaving them on the concrete floor, while entering the house in our socks and long-john underwear. (That woman just doesn’t appreciate the ritual of the snow day.)

Depending on how long we were outside, Muna might have something hot for us to eat or drink when we came back in.

The rest of the morning would be spent having a video-game showdown. We liked playing the Wii together. (Before I left them for the ‘stan, we were playing Lego Star Wars.) We play games for a couple of hours, rummaging through almost every game in our collection.

Later on in the day, if the weather lightened up, I would get dressed again and go outside to shovel the driveway. Taj would come, initially to help, but would eventually just end up playing in the snow (as I knew he would.) I’d sprinkle some snow melt pellets on the driveway, and hope they’d last until tomorrow, when I have to go back to work again.

But, when the next day came, and a new layer of snow blanketed the earth, the whole process would just start over again!

(Man, can’t WAIT to get home.)

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