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Lee, Darrick. 2018. CENTCOM helps DoD logisticians “sustain the fight, set the theater” :

Cornelius, Anthony. 2015. USAF Thunderbirds tear up the skies over Colorado for the first time in 18 years.

KWTX TV, Waco TX. 2015. Air Force Thunderbirds to Perform at Airshow.–Air-Force-Thunderbirds-To-Perform-At-Airshow-290591981.html

Bellmeade Chamber of Commerce: US Air Force Thunderbirds set for first Waco perforance in 23 years.

Groue, Kemberly (Photo, 2015). Thunderbirds Arrive on the Bay.

Drag Illustrated. 2014. Top Fuel Pilot Morgan Lucas Flies with the Thunderbirds.

Lavin, Carl. CNN, 2014. Flying in an F-16: (accessed 22 Nov 2014)

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USAF Thunderbirds (YouTube). 2014. Meet Maj. Darrick Lee. 


Lee, Darrick. Fox35 Daytona, 2014. Daytona 500 interview.

Lee, Darrick. 2013. USAF Thunderbirds to resume limited training flights: (accessed 4 Nov 2013)

Lee, Darrick. 2013. “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit.

Voice of America. Budget Cuts Ground US Military’s Precision Flying Teams.

Keynote speaker, Maj Darrick B. Lee at the Martin Luther King Jr. observance at Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines:

Around the Air Force. Suicide at Misawa Air Base, Japan: (accessed 7 Oct., 2011)

Lee, Darrick, JSOTF-P Blogspot, 2011. Filipinos, U.S. Troops Upgrade Local library: (accessed 7 Oct., 2011)

Lee, Darrick. Oct 2010. Fitness focus is on keeping you alive, not downsizing: (accessed 10 June 2018)

American Forces Network, 2010. POW/MIA Vigil. (accessed 26 Sept., 2010.)

American Forces Network, 2010. Pacific Air Forces Demo Team Performs at Misawa. (Download: Capt Darrick Lee AFN Misawa.wmv) 4.6MB

305th Airpower gets a lift with new Globemasters. May 2010. (accessed 13 May, 2010.)

American Forces Network (AFN) video story on our team. March 2010.

Airman Magazine. 2010. Tried and Tested (featuring PRT Airman Ashley Jackson.) (accessed 4 March, 2010.)

Combined Joint Task Force 101. 2010. Kapisa PRT visits Nijrab to check on progress: (accessed 4 March, 2010.)

French Ministry of Defense. 2010. Afghanistan : la Provincial Reconstruction Team de Kapisa (vidéo): (accessed 26 Feb, 2010.)

Lee, Darrick. 2009. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visits Afghanistan, Learns about Coalition Efforts: (accessed 18 Dec, 2009.)

Lee, Darrick. 2009. President extends Thanksgiving wishes to Airman in Afghanistan: (accessed Dec 5, 2009).

Lee, Darrick. 2009. Air Force medic; Soldiers survive IED blast: (accesed Oct 17, 2009).

Colimore, Ed. 2009. Area Troops helped Prepare for Election. (accessed Aug 24, 2009).

Published photos of our team at work in the ‘stan: (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

Lee, Darrick. 2009. SIGAR: America’s Eyes in Afghanistan.’s-eyes-in-afghanistan/. (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

Colimore, Ed. 2009. Lifeline to Afghanistan. (last accessed Aug 30, 2009.)

Photos & Video of Darrick Lee on the Defense Visual Information Database (DVIDS):

Lee, Darrick. 2009. Forming a Team: Training prepares service members for Afghanistan deployment. (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

Lee, Darrick. 2009. “Only in America” comes to Germany. (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

The Star-Ledger, 2008. N.J. girls remain trapped in Georgian conflict. (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

Lee, Darrick. 2008. C-5 Draws Big Crowds at Berlin Air Show. .(accessed Aug 30, 2009).

Lee, Darrick. 2008. C-130J Highlights Versatility at Berlin. (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

Covering the 60th Anniversary of the Air Force at McGuire Air Force Base:

Lee, Darrick. 2008. EUCOM Quality of Life Conference concludes with 10 recommendations for improvement. (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

Muna, Taj and I visited the BMW museum in Munich, Germany in January of 2008. We were photographed for BMW Magazine. (I could only find the Romanian version online, but I’ll scan the english hard copy and post soon.) (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

Mbachu, Dulue. 2007. Africa’s Unfolding Desert War. (accessed Aug 30, 2009.)

The Associated Press. 2007. Officials Probe Potential Terror Plot against Americans in Germany. (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

A photo I took of General William “Kip” Ward while traveling through the African continent:

Lee, Darrick. 2006. Medical Team plays vital Special Ops role. (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

Lee, Darrick. 2005. Air Force Research Lab gives new meaning to “battlebots.” Aug 30, 2009).

Lee, Darrick. 2005. AFSPC officer tells Air Force story through art. (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

Lee, Darrick. 2005. Military base cuts costs with renewable energy. (accessed Aug 30, 2009).

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